On behalf of Japan Skating Federation, the Organizing Committee has the honor and pleasure to invite you to a competition in the
Samsung ISU World Cup Short Track 2012/13
Which will be held at the Nippon Gaishi Arena
Nagoya, Japan
on Nov 30 to Dec 2, 2012

The competition will be held under the 2012 ISU General Regulations and Special Regulations/ Technical Rules for Short Track Speed Skating and ISU Communication No. 1747.

---General Regulations---
  The competitions will be conducted in accordance with the 2012 ISU Regulations and relevant Communications. Participation is open to all ISU Members. This competition is part of the Samsung ISU World Cup Short Track 2012/13.
  Individual 500, 1000, 1500 (1), 1500 (2) meters Ladies and Men Relay 3000 meters Ladies, 5000 meters Men
---Track Conditions---
  The Nippon Gaishi Arena has an artificially refrigerated indoor ice surface of 60 x 30 meters. Protective padding covers the boards in accordance with Rule 280, paragraph 5 and ISU Communication No. 1726. The standard track will be laid out 111.12 meters to the lap.
  a) Entries can only be made using the ISU Online Entry System for World Cup Short Track Speed Skating on www.isu.org, section Short Track Speed Skating or www.shorttrackonline.info/entry.php?country=isu

Entries with the number of Competitors, substitutes, coaches & team leader and requirements of accommodation must be submitted by October 19, 2012.
ISU Members failing to comply in time with these requirements will receive no support from the Organizing Member for:
- Hotel booking;
- Travel arrangements between airport and hotel;
- Travel arrangements between hotel and ice rink;
- Preferred times for additional training sessions.
All these costs and any additional costs incurred will be for the full account of the ISU Members concerned.


Final Entries must reach the Organizing Committee by letter, fax or electronic mail not later than 12:00 November 25, 2012(see ISU Communication No. 1747, paragraph 4), and the following information must be communicated to the Organizing Committee:
- Names of the Competitors and substitutes per category with their International Registration Numbers;
- Names of the Competitors for each of the respective individual distances;
- Confirmation of participation in the Relay.

  d) Competitors must be present in Nagoya at the latest at 18:00 hours on Thursday, November 29, 2012 or the Organizing Committee must receive documented proof that the competitors are in transit and will arrive in due time for the World Cup Competition. Competitors who do not comply with these requirements will be excluded

Please note that for all persons entered by the Members, the procedures regarding the Declaration for Competitors and Officials (all team Officials requiring an accreditation) entering ISU Events (Rule 131) as outlined in ISU Communication No. 1628 need to be strictly observed.
For more details please refer to Rules 115, 131 and ISU Communication No. 1628 or any update of this Communication.

---Citizenships/Residence Requirements and Clearance Procedure---
  In accordance with Rule 109 of the ISU Regulations and ISU Communication No.1420, all skaters who do not have the nationality of the Member by which they have been entered or who, although having such nationality, have in the past represented another Member, must produce an ISU Clearance Certificate.
---Seeding Procedure---

The make up of the first qualifying round of each distance shall be based on the current distance ranking following the principles of Rule 296, of the 2012 ISU Regulations. Progression to subsequent qualifying rounds shall be according to Rule 295, paragraph 2.

---World Cup points---

The points scoring at the World Cup Competition is made in accordance with ISU Communication No.1747, paragraph 10.

  Anti-Doping tests will be carried out according to the ISU Anti-Doping Code, as given in the applicable ISU Communications (ISU Communications Nos. 1650, 1651, 1693 & 1694 or later updates).
--- Ice Training ---

The Organizing Committee will arrange free ice training on Thursday, November 29, 2012 for all participating teams. Extra practices will be provided from November 26, 27 and 28, 2012. Each training session (50 minutes) will be charged 10,000 JPY. If two or more teams agree to share one training session, both (all) of them can share the cost.

--- Liability ---

In accordance with Rule 119 of the ISU General Regulations, the ISU, Japan Skating Federation and The Organizing Committee assume no responsibility for or liability with respect to bodily or personal injury or property damage incurred in connection with the ISU World Cup Short Track Speed Skating Competition. Each Member is solely responsible for providing insurance coverage thereto.


All participants should bear their own expenses for accommodation.
The cost of a room and breakfast at the official hotel is as follows:
Single Use: 10,500 JPYiper person, per night, including Breakfast and Taxesj
Twin Use: 7,350 JPY (per person, per night, including Breakfast and Taxes)
*Payment: Cash; in JPY or Credit card; VISA, Master, Diners Club, American Express
All arrangements for accommodations must be made through the Organizing Committee.
No meal packages are prepared by OC, so all lunches and dinners are recommended to be taken at many reasonable restaurants nearby.

---Official Hotels---
The Organizing Committee will arrange hotel reservations for the participants at the following official hotels:
  Main Hotel^Hotel Castle Plaza Nagoya
  Adds: 4-3-25, Meieki, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya-City, Japan.
Tel: +81 52 582 2121
Fax: +81 52 582 8666
  Sub Hotel^Meitetsu Grand Hotel*
  Adds: 1-2-4, Meieki, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya-City, Japan.
Tel: +81-52-582-2211
Fax: +81-52-582-2230

*Reservations can be made at this hotel only when the main hotel has been overbooked.
*3 minutes walk from the main hotel.
Hotel requirements must be communicated to the Organizing Committee as soon as possible, but no later than October 19, 2012.


The Organizing Committee will provide transportation between Central Japan International airport and the official hotels, from Sunday, November 25, 2012 to Monday, December 3, 2012. The travel expense by bus will be 1,500 JPY per person (one way) for every team. Expenses for team members, who do not accompany their team, are to be borne by themselves.
The Organizing Committee will also provide transportation between the official hotel and Nippon Gaishi Arena during the competition days and the training periods, starting from Monday, November 26, 2012. The date, airline, flight number, expected time of arrival and the date and time of departure should be communicated to the Organizing Committee as soon as possible, but no later October 19, 2012. Please include the amount of special equipment (e.g. bicycles, massage tables, etc.) that needs to be transported.

---The Organizing Committee---

All entries, hotel reservation and media accreditation requests, as well as other inquiries should be addressed as soon as possible to:

  Samsung ISU World Cup Short Track 2012/13, Nagoya, Japan
Kishi Memorial Hall 1-1-1, Jinnan, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-8050, Japan
TEL +81 3 3481 2351FAX +81 3 3481 2350
e-mail:; entries-st@skatingjapan.or.jp
---Web site---
  Results and other information concerning the competition will be available at the following website:


SAMSUNG ISU World Cup Short Track 2012/13, Nagoya, Japan